Fine grained linguistic knowledge, CUNY poster

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And here is one more poster from CUNY. This one is work by Robin Melnick at Stanford together with Tom Wasow. Robin ran forced-choice and 100-point-preference norming experiments on that-mentioning in relative and complement clauses to investigate the extent to which the factors that affect processing correlate with the factors affecting acceptability judgments. Going beyond previous work, he actually directly correlates the effect sizes of individual predictors in the processing and acceptability models. All experiments were run both in the lab and over the web using MechanicalTurk.


Fresh of the press: Preliminary Mayan results … [Norcliffe & Jaeger]

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The orange juice is still warm, the cafe con helado barely melted, the Mexican music that has been playing on repeat for the last couple of hours still swings mind-numbingly in my fried brain (it’s VERY hot and humid here), and here we are: letting you, dear reader [sic], know what the world is waiting for: is there probability-sensitive morphosyntactic production in Yucatec Mayan (similar to English, cf. Frank & Jaeger, 2008-CUNY, 2008-CogSci; Jaeger, 2006-thesis, 207-LSA; Levy & Jaeger, 2007; Wasow et al., in press)? This is a follow-up on a recent post.

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