Visiting the Yucatan: more studies on Yucatec Mayan and Mexican Spanish

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Heya. There are no results yet, but Katrina Housel, Carlos Gomez Gallo, and I just came back from the Valladolid, Mexico where we piloted and ran 3 studies on Yucatec and 4 studies on Mexican Spanish.

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Kopenhagen a year from now?

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It seems like I will be in Copenhagen in November, 2008 (a symposium on empirical methods). Exact dates are still in the stars (where they belong so far in advance), but why don’t you come to Copenhagen, too, around that time? I love that town =).

Sake bombs in Cornell

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I recently visited the psychology department at Cornell University and I had a blast. In addition to lots of cool conversations about the work people were doing there, and a really great audiences for the talk (an overview talk about the work on Uniform Information Density that I’ve been doing with a lot of folks, including Roger Levy, Austin Frank, and Tom Wasow), there was an awesome party afterwards. Believe it or not, I hadn’t actually done sake bombs before, so it was an evening of learning … (and the hosts were very inspiring teachers). I gotta go down there again soon.

Heading south …

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Off to San Diego. Booked a ticket yesternight, after a great farewell party (thanks folks) and spend today in sunny San Diego (thanks for a nice start). It’s sad though to leave Stanford. It has been a great time =).