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HLP lab is grinking 2013

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Time for another update on the growing/shrinking HLP Lab. With great sadness we think of those days when the Degenkind and Mr. Fine roamed freely in The Halls of Meliora.

  • Alex Fine has left us to more fully embrace his inner Midwest. He accepted a post-doc on an NIH training grant in Psychology, Illinois with Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Duane Watson, and Gary Dell.
  • Judith Degen now enjoys Californian bliss on a post-doctoral fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation. She’ll be working with Noah Goodman and bring even more experimental pragmatic awesomeness to Stanford.

This loss is ameliorated by a few new additions to HLP Lab. We’re excited to welcome Scott and Job this year (and hope that Geertje will just shown up one day and demand her bike back):

  • Scott Fraundorf is joining HLP Lab as a post-doctoral researcher to work on implicit learning during syntactic processing and the acquisition of new syntactic structures in native speaker adults. His projects also include studies on how dialect background affects syntactic processing.
  • Job Schepens won a Fulbright fellowship to visit HLP Lab in the Spring of 2014. His project “Learning Additional Phonemes: A Phonological Account of L2 Learnability” will be focusing on bi-/multilingualism and how structural similarities across languages (and differences in their complexity) affect ease of acquisition.