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Come join LIN/BCS/CS/CLS at Rochester: jobs in ‘Big Data’

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The University of Rochester has recently announced a Big Data initiative. As part of this initiative, there will be a large number of faculty openings over the next few years, including potential hires in computational linguistics, computational neuroscience, computational psycholinguistics, etc. The first tenure-track positions are now posted. Have a look at this list of departments and areas in which we are searching. Please spread the word.

Let me know if you have questions about these searches. If you’re a language researcher, make sure to check out the list of language faculty at Rochester (the beautiful mixture of hospital and vomit colors is about to be replaced by something more post 20th-century).


LSA 2011 class on Computational Psycholinguistics

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Due to popular demand 😉 – you can find the Computational Psycholinguistics class Roger Levy and I are currently teaching at the LSA 2011 institute at Boulder mirrored here.

LSA 2011 at Boulder: Yeah!

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Woohooo. Roger Levy and I will be teaching a class on Computational Psycholinguistics at the 2011 LSA’s Linguistics Institute to be held July 5th- August 5th next year in Boulder, CO. The class description should be available through their website soon, but here are some snippets from our proposal: Read the rest of this entry »