Another example of recording spoken productions over the web

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A few days ago, I posted a summary of some recent work on syntactic alignment with Kodi Weatherholtz and Kathryn Campell-Kibler (both at The Ohio State University), in which we used the WAMI interface to collect speech data for research on language production over Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

JaegerGrimshaw_poster_v3-final corrected (after print)
Jaeger and Grimshaw (2013). Poster presented at AMLaP, Marseilles, France.

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UID and text generation

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Ah, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better: Uniform Information Density has been applied to text generation ;). Have a look at this paper (thanks, Raja, for forwarding it):

According to Raja (the first author), more on this issue is in progress (e.g. an extension beyond complementizers) and future updates on this work  will be posted on Michael White’s lab at Ohio State.