Evaluation of ASL MobileEye and GazeMap

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Recently, HLP lab was given the opportunity to evaluate the ASL MobileEye wearable eye tracking system and its accompanying analysis software, GazeMap. ASL generously offered to lend us the system for a month so that we could evaluate it in a set of short experiments. We attempted to put together simplified and shortened versions of four different experimental paradigms. In choosing these, we sought a variety that would tax different aspects of both the hardware and the analysis software.

After finishing the trial period, we compiled our feedback and sent it to ASL. They promptly responded with answers to our concerns and proposed solutions to many of the points that we made (see below). Since then, they have confirmed to us that their newest version includes a number of changes that directly addressed our comments.

This post contains a description of our testing methods, the results, and the feedback we sent back to ASL, modified only to reflect the changes that they claim to have made in their newest version. The primary goal of the tests we conducted was to determine what GazeMap and the MobileEye can do that might be of interest to psycholinguists. We’re particularly excited about Experiment 4 below. Read the rest of this entry »