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What’s up?

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Phew, time for a short update before I am off again.

  • Celeste Kidd just gave her first conference talk at Prosody08 on the pronunciation of function words, investigating the combined effects of availability-based production, redundancy avoidance, collocations, and prosody on the pronunciation of the English indefinite determiner “a”.
  • Carlos Gomez Gallo is about to present his work on a multi-modal corpus (video, sound, and plenty of linguistically useful annotation) at LREC08 in Marrakesh, Morocco. This work builds the foundation to Carlos’s CogSci paper (to be presented in July) on planning in language production above the level of the clause [paper].
  • Katrina Housel and Ting Qian are about to give there presentation at the University of Rochester Undergraduate Research Workshop. Katrina will talk about her work on the effect of phonological similarity between words in spontaneous sentence production; Ting will talk about his work on Constant Entropy in written Chinese and written English by Chinese speakers. Read the rest of this entry »

Want to work in a (=my) lab?

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We’re looking for motivated research assistants for various tasks in the Human Language Processing Lab at the University of Rochester (see also our Lab Wiki with detailed information about the equipment in the lab). We work on how people process language, using both computational and behavioral methods (follow the links above to learn more, and forgive the terrible color scheme of the lab webpage … we’re working on it). Read the rest of this entry »

reminder to myself: lab trips

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I decided that, if I ever grow up and have a lab, I’m gonna take the lab folks to this beautiful spot, I discovered last week with my friend Zach: the Adirondacks.