A good start to Klinton Bicknell at Northwestern

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A belated congratulations and a good start to Klinton Bicknell, who just started his tenure-track position in Linguistics at Northwestern. To quote his website, his research:

… seeks to understand the remarkable efficiency of language comprehension, using the tools of probability theory and statistical decision theory as explanatory frameworks. My work suggests that we achieve communicative efficiency by utilizing rich, structured probabilistic information about language: leveraging linguistic redundancy to fill in details absent from the perceptual signal, to spend less time processing more frequent material, and to make predictions about language material not yet encountered.

Klinton is a UCSD graduate, where he worked with Roger Levy, Keith Rayner, Jeff Elman, Martha Kutas, among others. He spent the first two years of his post-doc life at UCSD, before he joined Rochester as an NIH-funded post-doctoral fellow at the Center of Language Sciences. As an example of some of his recent work at Rochester, here’s his CUNY 2014 poster on the extent to which information about the speech signal is still available during lexical processing and the extent to which the resulting uncertainty about the signal is maintained over time even after the word has been observed (cf. right context effects; paper to come soon):

Bicknell, Tanenhaus, & Jaeger, 2014 CUNY poster
Bicknell, Tanenhaus, & Jaeger, 2014 CUNY poster

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    HLP Lab is grinking 2014 « HLP/Jaeger lab blog said:
    August 15, 2014 at 10:13 am

    […] already mentioned in a previous post, Klinton Bicknell joined our Center of Language Sciences for one year as a post-doc, before […]


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