Your thoughts on second, third, etc. language learning

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After a recent discussion in the lab, I’m curious to hear your speculative or informed opinions about the factors that determine someone’s proficiency in a second (or third, …) language. I’ve put together a brief survey (5-10 minutes) and if you have some time, it’d be great to hear your thoughts. Experts’ and non-experts’ opinions are equally welcome. I will post the results of the survey here.

Thank you for your participation.


One thought on “Your thoughts on second, third, etc. language learning

    Kiel Christianson said:
    February 25, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Whenever I studied a new language (I used to be conversational or better in about 6, and could read several more), I found the following things useful: childlike wonder — wondering what everything was called or how described, etc., rather than trying to compare all the new incoming information to English; tolerance for ambiguity; patience — willingness to sit down with a text and a dictionary and work painstakingly through it; practice — having others to speak with or even just practicing with myself in a constant internal dialog; metalinguistic awareness of how languages tend to do things, and how languages may or may not be related


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