Workshop announcement (Tuebingen): Advances in Visual Methods for Linguistics

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This workshop on data visualization might be of interest to a lot of you. I wish I could just hop over the pond.

  • Date: 24-Sept-2014 – 26-Sept-2014
  • Location: Tuebingen, Germany
  • Contact Person: Fabian Tomaschek (
  • Web Site:
  • Call Deadlines: 21 March / 18 April

The AVML-meeting offers a meeting place for all linguists from all fields who are interested in elaborating and improving their data visualization skills and methods. The meeting consists of a one-day hands-on workshop during which the latest visualization methods will be taught and a two-day conference during which results using some of these recent innovations in methods will be presented.

Presentation from AVML 2012 are available at:

Language of the conference: English 

Call for Papers

The Conference Committee calls for presentations and workshops on such topics as:

  •     general principles of visual design
  •     producing effective graphics  (using e.g. R, Python, Matlab etc.)
  •     combination of linguistic/non-linguistic data
  •     representation of multidimensional data

Abstract submission

Due: 21 March (Workshops) / 18 April (Presentations) 2014

Submissions should include:

  • Title of the paper/subject of the workshop/presentation and abstract max. 500 words.
  • Name and affiliation of the author(s) -Information: presentation or workshop
  • Each presentation may last 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions and comments
  • Each workshop may last no longer than 120 minutes (including questions and comments)

Questions? Thoughts?

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