And a belated welcome to Scott Grimm

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Scott Grimm just joined our faculty in Linguistics at Rochester last month. So today he got his belated Rochester welcome:

South Wedge represents
The South Wedge sends a warm welcome to Scott Grimm

Scott joins the Center of Language Sciences at Rochester with an unnecessary number of degrees. He did his B.A. in Literature at Columbia, a  masters in the language sciences at the University of Grenoble, a Master of Sciences in Logic at the University of Amsterdam, and a PhD in Linguistics from Stanford (among other things, believe it or not). He came to Rochester from his post-doctoral position at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona to enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate that Rochester is known for (see above).

Scott works on all things lexical semantics, including number, agentivity, argument structure, case, etc., combining theoretical and empirical (e.g., corpus-based) approaches. Scott, it’s time to change your webpage picture (I recognize those Stanford offices).


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