now, this is broader impact

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This is federal funds well-spent: after the CUNY Sentence Processing Conference, Daniel Pontillo reaches out to the broader public and explains –to a captive audience of night owls at packed IHOP– how eye-tracking data allows us to test how we process the world (the poster is on implicit naming, or rather the lack thereof, in visual world experiments). The presentation was a resounding success. One member of an underrepresented minority was likely recruited for a research career in the cognitive sciences. A brawl that later ensued on the same premises stands in no relation to this presentation, in which only waffles were harmed. Science never stops. We are grateful for all feedback received from IHOPers during the poster presentation.

(Disclaimer: federal funds were only used to print the poster, which was first presented at the Sentence Processing Conference.)

Dan Pontillo gives an impromptu poster presentation at the IHOP around 2-something a.m., Columbia, S.C.

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