Month: April 2012

The reproducibility project

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Thanks to Anne Pier Salverda who made me aware of this project to replicate all studies in certain psych journals, including APA journals that publish psycholinguistic work, such as JEP:LMC. This might be a fine April fools joke slightly delayed, but it sure is a great idea! In a similar study researchers apparently found that 6 out of 53 cancer studies replicated (see linked article).

And while we are at it, here’s an article that, if followed, is guaranteed to increase the proportion of replications (whereas power, effect sizes, lower p-values, family-wise error corrections, min-F and all the other favorites out there are pretty much guaranteed to not do the job). Simmons et al 2011, published in Psychological Science, shows what we should all know but that is all too often forgotten or belittled: lax criteria in excluding data, adding additional subjects, transforming data, adding or removing covariates inflate the Type I error rate (in combination easily up to over 80% false negatives for p<.05!!!).  Enjoy.