New R resource for ordinary and multilevel regression modeling

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Here’ s what I received from the Center of Multilevel Modeling at Bristol (I haven’t checked it out yet; registration seems to be free but required):

The Centre for Multilevel Modelling is very pleased to announce the addition of
R practicals to our free on-line multilevel modelling course. These give
detailed instructions of how to carry out a range of analyses in R, starting
from multiple regression and progressing through to multilevel modelling of
continuous and binary data using the lmer and glmer functions.

MLwiN and Stata versions of these practicals are already available.
You will need to log on or register onto the course to view these


One thought on “New R resource for ordinary and multilevel regression modeling

    Neal Fox said:
    July 29, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    While at the LSA Institute in CO, I am taking a class with Chris Potts on Computational Pragmatics. Check the class website out…it does a fantastic job of weaving well-commented R code, some python code, graphics, theoretical implications, and other considerations together into a really clear, easy-to-follow story.

    I found it really helpful as a beginner with R, and very much along the lines of the tutorials you mention.

    Hope other find it helpful!


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