Berlin – it still rocks

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Ok, everyonce in a while I should be allowed a kinda personal post here (I just decided that). So, I choose … dickes B. I just had a couple of wonderful days in Berlin. It still is full of surprises and August is still the best time to visit the best city ever ;). Why?

  • Breakfast until 4pm in most districts of the city, some places have breakfast 24-7.
  • 24-7. yeah. food, music, drinks, and more. Endless Cafes, cool clubs, bars, … sigh
  • Berliners still tell you all the things you never wanted to know about yourself … unsolicited.
  • Arm aber sexy.
  • Sitting at the Spree sipping a cocktail, enjoying a schmoke in the backyard of Tacheles (I know … Klischee), walking through Mauerpark and finding a couple of hundred people celebrating some poor souls doing Karaoke (see below) … priceless ;).
  • Hip does not have to come with arrogant or a dress code.

Anyway, here are some pictures and videos. Enjoy.


Questions? Thoughts?

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