Multilevel model tutorial at Haskins lab

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Austin Frank and I just gave a 2×3 hours workshop on multilevel models at Haskins Lab (thanks to Tine Mooshammer for organizing!). We had a great audience with a pretty diverse background (ranging from longitudinal studies on nutrition, over speech researchers, clinical studies, and psycholinguists, to fMRI researchers), which made for lots of interesting conversations on topics I don’t usually get to think about. Thanks to everyone attending =). We had a great time.

We may post the recordings once we receive them, if it turns out they may be useful. But for now, here are many of the slides we used, a substantial subset of which were created by Roger Levy (UC San Diego) and/or in collaboration with Victor Kuperman (Stanford University) for WOMM’09 at the CUNY Sentence Processing Conference, as indicated on the slides. No guarantees for the R-code and please do not distribute (rather: refer to this page) and ask before citing.

Questions and comments welcome, preferably using the comment box at the bottom of this page. R related questions should be send to the very friendly email support list for language researchers using R (see R-lang link in the navigation bar to the right).


Questions? Thoughts?

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