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Only 30 students have received LSA stipends for this year’s LSA summer institute so far. This is apparently due to a shortage of funds. Affiliates (professors, researchers, and other non-students) may attend courses and have full campus privileges for the cost of $1200 (six weeks) or $700 (three weeks). Because affiliate fees subsidize student fellowships, we encourage potential affiliates to consider registering early so that we will be able to give as many fellowships as possible.

See for information about Forum and Institute lectures by Mark Baker, Stephen C. Levinson, Malcolm Ross, Natalie Schilling-Estes, Donca Steriade, and Michael Tomasello, and for information about the following conferences:

Dene Conference
33rd Stanford Child Language Research Forum
Society of the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Association for Linguistic Typology
International Cognitive Linguistics Conference
Role and Reference Grammar conference

Oh, and while we are at it, definitely, consider registering for ma wandafal class on Psychlinguistics and Syntactic Corpora at the LSA. We will cover both some basic stuff, including:

  • how to extract data from syntactic corpora
  • how to build databases out of extracted data
  • what type of additional annotation to conduct and how time consuming this is (as well as trick to get around it)
  • how to analyze highly unbalanced naturally distributed data sets

and some advanced theory, so that we can appreciate what corpora have to offer language research (accounts of sentence production). We’ll also compare experiments vs. corpora and see what the trade-offs are.


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