Want to work in a (=my) lab?

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We’re looking for motivated research assistants for various tasks in the Human Language Processing Lab at the University of Rochester (see also our Lab Wiki with detailed information about the equipment in the lab). We work on how people process language, using both computational and behavioral methods (follow the links above to learn more, and forgive the terrible color scheme of the lab webpage … we’re working on it).

Right now we’re mostly looking for some transcribers (transcription of speech data, disfluency annotation, and some transcription of gestures from video tapes). This is for work that investigates how speakers plan their utterances. Some background in linguistics, computer science, or BCS (Brain and Cognitive Science) is preferable, but we might also have something for you, if you’re motivated and have about 5-10 hours each week to spare. We will give preference to students who are interested in language research and who may want to do their own research at some point (it takes time to train you and we’re most interested in working with people who are interested in the work per se).

If you are a BCS, CS, or linguistics major and you want to do an independent study project, another option for you may be to talk to me about your intended research project and we can see whether I can provide you with the training you would need to conduct your research.


Questions? Thoughts?

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